Lawyer Asks Court To Stop SSS From Using The Name ‘DSS’

lawyer asks court to stop sss from using the name ‘dss’
lawyer asks court to stop sss from using the name ‘dss’

Lawyers in Lagos have requested that the Federal High Court in Lagos ban the State Security Service (SSS) from being addressed or addressing itself as the Department of State Service (DSS) without an amendment to the law.

Tope Alabi asked the court to declare that the DSS is not an agency established by law in Nigeria.

Those prayers were made in his suit numbered FHC/L/CS/1071/21 on August 23, 2021, with the State Security Service (SSS) and Attorney-General of the Federation as first and second respondents.

In addition, he asked for a declaration that the authorized operations of the SSS do not include arrest and detention of Nigerians without a court order, nor do they involve arrest or extrajudicial killing of someone accused of a crime without a trial and conviction.

In his August 24 affidavit supporting the suit, Alabi cited the October 8, 2016 SSS invasion of judges’ homes, August 2, 2019 invasion of Omoyele Sowore’s home and that of the July 2021 raid on the home Sunday Igboho, during which 12 persons were arrested.

A declaration was also requested that the authorised operations of the first defendant “do not involve the killing of Nigerians in their private homes at midnight while they are asleep, without a trial and conviction by the competent court in Nigeria, and without a death sentence upon which execution may rest.”

As part of another prayer, he asked the court to determine whether the SSS can invade any state without the knowledge and consent of the sitting governor.

He said that the SSS has become an instrument for resolving disputes and recovering debts among the citizenry, and that its activities have caused “panic and terror in the society.”.

The suit has not yet been scheduled for hearing.

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