Legislators accuse Ghana of defrauding Nigeria with a fake COVID-19 test

legislators accuse ghana of defrauding nigeria with a fake covid 19 test
legislators accuse ghana of defrauding nigeria with a fake covid 19 test

Fraudulent COVID-19 test results are being used to defraud Nigerians in Ghana, according to federal lawmakers.

Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe (APC, Kwara) raised the alarm in a motion co-sponsored by Senators Sadiq Umar (APC, Kwara), Betty Apiafi (PDP, Rivers) and Chukwuka Utazi (PDP, Enugu).

On behalf of the motion, Oloriegbe noted that there was a serious allegation that Nigerians who tested negative in Nigeria were diagnosed with COVID in Ghana.

According to him, Ghanaian authorities usually confine Nigerians who visit the country to isolation for two weeks and charge them about N70,000 a day.

Nigerians traveling to Ghana or through Ghana were forced to pay nearly N1 million while in isolation, the lawmaker said.

If the allegation is not properly investigated, the exploitation will continue, taking away the resources of Nigerians at a time of global economic recession.

“Vaccinations and test results are in growing demand because of the increased freedom they will provide people with,” Oloriegbe said.

Also, there will always be people who won’t wait for their official vaccination, or for their official negative test results – and shady people willing to serve that demand.”

Nigerians with valid COVID-19 vaccination cards may be prevented from traveling abroad if unfounded allegations of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are not debunked.

Therefore, the Senate instructed its Health and Primary Health and Communicable Diseases committees and Foreign Affairs committee to investigate in depth the allegations of compromised COVID-19 tests used to defraud Nigerians in Ghana and the process of obtaining fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

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