Lindsay Lohan’s Father, Has Been Arrested For Strangling His Wife Kate

Lindsay Lohan‘s father, Michael Lohan, was arrested on Monday, February 11, for allegedly getting physically abusive with his wife, Kate Major, reports Daily Mail. Major and Lohan are currently estranged. They married in 2014, and in 2015, Major filed for separation.

The incident reportedly took place at the couple’s Hamptons home. Lohan was arrested by the Southampton Police force. According to a police report obtained by the outlet, Major confronted Lohan about his recent internet search into escort services in Houston, where he had recently travelled. The confrontation escalated into a violent encounter.

She claims that he first started throwing things at her, such as plastic coat hangers, before he moved on to a physical encounter. He allegedly grabbed her by the throat and left visible bruises before threatening to stab her and calling her several profanities. Major also reported that he shattered her cellphone and screamed at her repeatedly.

After the violence subsided, Major left their residential home and immediately went to visit her attorney, who took her to the police station where she wrote a handwritten statement obtained by the website.

“He said he just wanted to stab me and end it all. He kept saying I was brain dead – I leave too many lights on and I’m a waste of life. He threatened to call the cops and put me away for 20 years. This has been an ongoing an abusive controlling hell of a life. Today he really scared me and I was scared to call 911 and my hand is sore and hard to write.”

The statement also asserts that Lohan kicked her in the rear end when she bent down to find her pet hamster. The February 11 incident is the third time that Major has reported domestic abuse from her husband. The two other times, one in 2009 and one in 2011, were also noted in the police report. In one of the incidents, she claimed that the 59-year-old attempted to shove her off of a balcony.

Detective Herman Lamison told Radar Online that, “Lohan is charged with misdemeanour criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation (choking) and second-degree harassment, which is a violation.”

Lohan’s criminal struggles first began in 1990 when he was charged with insider trading on Wall Street. He served three years in prison. The Daily Mail reports that he was also arrested multiple times after that for violating his parole, getting into a physical fight, and for getting a DUI, for which he served an additional prison sentence.

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