Luka Binniyat SOKAPU spokesman says Gumi should be investigated for becoming spiritual leader of bandits

Luka Binniyat SOKAPU spokesman says Gumi should be investigated for becoming spiritual leader of bandits
Luka Binniyat SOKAPU spokesman says Gumi should be investigated for becoming spiritual leader of bandits

The National Public Relations Officer of the Southern Kaduna Peoples’ Union, Mr Luka Binniyat, berates  influential Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, for suggesting that the bandits making life hellish for the people of the North-West be granted amnesty

Recently, gunmen  attacked and abducted students and workers  of Government Science College, Kagara in Niger State. What’s your view on this?

It is very unfortunate as it is condemnable and unacceptable. Under this government, human beings are stolen daily like herds of sheep. The incident at Government College Kagara was the third of such mass abduction of human beings in Niger State in one week. Outlaws are now the ones in power. Niger State and Kaduna State share border. West and east of these borders which form part of Kamuku forest are as  dangerous and lawless as the infamous Sambisa woods of  the North-East.

It is a curiously dubious negotiation. It is a disgraceful way of succumbing to the wiles and evil of a band of violent bandits who are more feared and respected by the state, not really because of their capacity for bloodletting, but because they are seen as kinsmen of the number one man in Nigeria. SOKAPU is totally against Shiekh Ahmad Gumi in that project. Such wicked, heartless and unprincipled criminals must not be dignified in that manner. We have always suspected that there was something that the Islamic cleric is doing with these people that we do not understand. This morning (Sunday), I saw a video which has since gone viral. In the video, the Sheik was in a recent meeting with the criminals and was saying what was an obvious inciting comment. He told them that the soldiers killing them were not Muslim soldiers. He said that when they attack a community in ‘vengeance’, they should choose their targets well. He expresses revulsion on how a group recently kidnapped a group of travellers and that among them was woman in the Islamic hijab carrying a small baby. He said such act that ‘dent’ the ‘work’ of the kidnappers. So, you see, the cleric is making himself like the spiritual leader of the bandits. If the bandits deserve any negotiation it is with the law for justice to take its cause.

This again does not make sense. Why is the Islamic cleric not interested in justice and restitution for the thousands of the surviving victims of their evil, but the welfare and freedom of the evil doers. In Southern Kaduna, we have over 50,000 IDPs and over 100 communities that have been captured and occupied by these hooded men that our people have confirmed to be Fulani armed men. We have mass graves dotted all over Southern Kaduna as a result of their wickedness. Last year alone, our poor people paid nothing less than N1 billion as ransom for the freedom of their abducted ones. Why is the cleric not negotiating with relevant authorities for justice here? His proposition is irrational and dumbfounding. SOKAPU wants Shiekh Ahmed Gumi investigated for his role with these people.

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