As tensions rise, Israeli forces murder two Palestinians

as tensions rise, israeli forces murder two palestinians
as tensions rise, israeli forces murder two palestinians

During an Israeli invasion in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian woman carrying a knife on Wednesday, according to the Israeli army – a claim denied by Palestinian officials. Additionally, an Israeli incursion resulted in the death of a Palestinian male.

Since 2014, when U.S.-sponsored peace talks halted, violence in territories where Palestinians seek statehood has simmered. In recent weeks, it has flared up anew with deadly Palestinian strikes within Israel and deadly Israeli operations.

After midnight, clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israeli forces as the military approached the town of Yabad to demolish the home of a Palestinian shooter who killed five Israelis on March 30.

According to medics and locals, peasants threw stones at soldiers who opened fire on them.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, one individual was murdered and two others were gravely injured. It was first unclear whether all of them had participated in the confrontation.

The Israeli military did not respond immediately, but verified its soldiers were there to demolish the gunman’s home.

In a second incident, the Israeli army said that a knife-wielding attacker approached an IDF (Israel Defence Forces) soldier performing normal security operations near the community of Al Aroub.

It was stated that the soldiers retaliated with live fire.

A hospital in Hebron, a nearby Palestinian city, verified the woman’s passing.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the murder as a “field execution.”

The ministry added in a statement, “She was on her way to work and there were no issues or threats to the offenders at that location.”

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