NBC suspends Human Rights Radio’s license, forcing Brekete Family off the air

NBC suspends Human Rights Radio's license, forcing Brekete Family off the air
NBC suspends Human Rights Radio’s license, forcing Brekete Family off the air

Human Rights Radio’s license has been suspended by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

The announcement was made in a statement released on Thursday.

Ahmed Isah, who is also the host of the radio station’s Berekete Family programme, was caught assaulting a woman who appeared on his show.

Later, Ibrahim apologized to the woman and admitted that he overreacted.

According to NBC management, the broadcaster sincerely apologized and expressed regret for how the event unfolded.

Nevertheless, the Commission states that the action of the broadcaster is in clear violation of the Broadcasting Code and a betrayal of the trust reposed in him by the people and Government of Nigeria on whose behalf he holds the radio license.

In Section of the Broadcasting Code, it is stated that broadcasting should – ‘promote generally accepted social values and norms, especially civic and social responsibilities; and encourage respect for the dignity of man.

Moreover, it requires that broadcasting organizations recognize that they exercise freedom of expression as agents of society, not for their own or their proprietors’, relatives’, friends’ or supporters’ personal or sectional needs.

Throughout the years, the Commission has advised, cautioned, warned and fined the station for repeated expressions of outright abuse, demeaning remarks, intimidation and flagrant violations of ethics of fairness and balance on the station. Additionally, the Commission conducted several training and retraining programs for the station, and in particular for the host of the Brekete family show.

Accordingly, the Commission has suspended the broadcaster’s license until it commits itself to ethical and professional broadcasting, in accordance with the sanction provisions in 15.5.2 of the Broadcasting Code. The suspension takes effect on Monday, May 31st, at 12 a.m.

“The order will last 30 days during which the broadcaster is expected to put its house in order and reawaken its commitment to responsive, professional, and responsible broadcasting. At the end of the suspension period, it shall also pay a recommencement fee as provided for in section 15.5.1 of the Broadcasting Code.

NBC appreciates the popularity of the station and the fact that it has in many cases tailored its programming to the desires of the public. Broadcasters in Nigeria, however, have a sacred duty to promote decency, professionalism, and respect for the dignity of all citizens.

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