Nigeria declines Germany’s offer to train police recruits

nigeria declines germany's offer to train police recruits
nigeria declines germany’s offer to train police recruits

Recruitment for the Nigerian police force shall be done locally, according to the Police Service Commissions (PSC).

During a news conference in Abuja, Musiliu Smith, PSC chairman and former Inspector-General of the Police, said this.

As of Tuesday, the German Government has requested the federal government release at least 30,000 police officers for specific training in Germany on how to manage protests without using guns.

Nevertheless, Smith asserted that Nigeria and Germany are two distinct societies.

Police employees should be trained locally so they can be screened while they are at the beginning of their careers, according to him.

That’s what I said: “We have to screen them. You have to know that there were Germans in the area. They’ve talked to the government and a few important organisations, and the conversation is still going on today.

Even if our country’s government there is willing to help us maintain a high level of security, the first or most basic set of workers will continue to receive their training here.”

“If they have facilities, we need to go and check the facilities and whatever is there and the curriculum they are utilising, since the two cultures are distinct societies.

As the saying goes, “We want to make sure that there are things we need to put into our systems that will aid us.”

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