10-year-old girl assaulted by her madam’s husband for bed-wetting

10-year-old girl assaulted by her madam's husband for bed-wetting
10-year-old girl assaulted by her madam’s husband for bed-wetting

Asukwo Mendie Archibong, a lawyer, rescued a 10-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten for bedwetting by her mistress’s husband.

Mr. Archbong stated that the incident occurred in Abuja’s Range View Estate, News Engineering, and that the suspect has been apprehended.

He added that the juvenile, identified as Onyebube, was transported from Enugu State to Abuja to serve as a housekeeper for the couple.

See his blog entry below…

“The Success Story of Our Rescue of a 10-Year-Old Child Who Had Been Abused. I learned a few days ago that this girl was trafficked and abused by her mistress’s husband. Because she wet the bed, he violently beat and injured her.

She is a mere ten years old. The difficulty lay in establishing the location of the occurrence and the perpetrators.

Throughout the last few days, I’ve been collaborating with the fantastic #NPF on this issue. I am pleased to report that via my work with the police, the abusive man’s location was determined, he was recognised, and is currently in police custody.

Pure Evil. Sharing a video such as this is not always sufficient. You should act.

We cry domestic violence, but look at what a woman and her husband can do to a 10-year-old because she wet the bed.

This youngster is not theirs. As a house slave, she was smuggled from Enugu State to Abuja. At the age of ten. By a Christian household.

I’ve filed a formal complaint, and the Nigeria Police Force is investigating. They are attempting to locate this child.

If you know where she is, please let me know. The husband and couple who committed this crime are currently on the run, but they will be apprehended.

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