17-Year-Old Was Arrested For Removing Boy’s Eye For Charm

17 year old was arrested for removing boys eye for charm
17 year old was arrested for removing boys eye for charm

Isah Hassan, also known as Shahidai, was arrested for removing one eye of Mustapha Yunusa, a 12-year-old boy from the Dan Tsinke region of Tarauni Local Government Area in Kano State.

Shahidai performed a ‘disappearing charm’ for Mustapha on the orders of a traditional herbalist — a 107-year-old lady.

Sayyada Furera Abubakar, on the other hand, disputed the allegations, stating she was only trying to help him with traditional medicine.

“I’m just an old-fashioned herbalist.” He’s lying; I have over 50 grandkids, and I didn’t take away theirs. “Why should I do that?” you might wonder.

Dahiru Ahmad, the boy’s father, claimed he sent him to his best friend, Malam Arma, in the Dan Tsinke region for schooling.

“I got a call that my kid was being treated at Murtala Hospital. I was informed when I arrived that some evil eggs had ambushed, assaulted, and removed his eye. We thank God that, with the help of the police and medical authorities, the youngster has recovered and is now alive with just one eye.

“I received a call about 1 a.m. yesterday saying that the youngster who removed my son’s eye had been detained and confessed to the crime.”

Dan Tsinke’s Vigilante leader, Ali Abdulhamid, was the one who apprehended the criminal. “We apprehended Shahidai at the Kumbotso-Tarauni border,” he added. He took the boy’s eyes two weeks ago, and we apprehended him while attempting to take another one, to God’s glory.

“One of our employees informed us that a young man intends to commit a crime and is seeking his assistance in doing so. We asked him to go ahead and play along after he explained the nature of the offense.

“From there, he requested him to come along with a knife that he would use to remove the eye, and we asked him to give it to him and followed them to the murder scene, where we were able to apprehend the perpetrator.”

Shahidai admitted to committing the crime.

The police command in Kano, via its spokesperson, SP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, reacted to the news by saying that the police will investigate the issue and prosecute those responsible.

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