A BRT bus catches fire in Lagos

A BRT bus catches fire in Lagos
A BRT bus catches fire in Lagos

A bus rapid transit (BRT) bus went up in flames in the Ikorodu district of Lagos State, causing chaos On Friday, the event occurred at the Agric, Ikorodu BRT terminus.

A viral video depicted individuals fleeing for their lives.

Even while some individuals were apparently cheering over the occurrence, the cause of the fire has still to be determined at the time of reporting this article.

According to sources, there was no attack on the bus as has been suggested, and it simply caught fire owing to a mechanical problem.

The development came at a time when BRT was under fire following the murder of a 22-year-old passenger.

On February 26, 2022, the victim, Oluwabamise Ayankole, boarded a BRT vehicle at Chevron Bus Stop in Lekki, bound for Oshodi.

The driver was claimed to have suddenly began making approaches at her after refusing to pick up other passengers.

Bamise had sent a WhatsApp voice message to one of her pals, alerting her of the risk.

Nice The driver, Andrew Omininikoron, had gone underground but was later apprehended.

Bamise’s dead body was eventually discovered on a Lagos bridge.

The Lagos State government suspended BRT operations in response to the outcry, but it was restored within 24 hours.
A Chief Magistrates’ Court in Yaba, Lagos, had ordered the driver’s detention in police custody for 30 days earlier on Friday.

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