A Nigerian man was nabbed with N164m heroin in India

a nigerian man was nabbed with n164m heroin in india
a nigerian man was nabbed with n164m heroin in india

The Narcotic Squad of India’s West District uncovered an international drug gang and arrested a 34-year-old Nigerian man in possession of over 600 grammes of heroin worth Rs 3 crore.

On Friday, April 8, the accused, Prince Emeka Lath of Anambra state, was apprehended in Tilak Nagar, Delhi.

According to the authorities, the accused entered India on a tourist visa in January 2017, but did not extend it or return to Nigeria once it expired.

Ghanshyam Bansal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), stated a tip was received that an African national involved in drug trafficking will deliver a quantity of heroin in Tilak Nagar. The cops then set up a trap at Tilak Nagar near Santgarh.

“The culprit was captured from the scene after a two-hour wait, and 602 grammes fine quality heroin supplied from Afghanistan was discovered from his possession, according to the DCP.

“During questioning, accused Prince Emeka Lath revealed that the confiscated contraband was given to him by another African national called Charles.””

“The search for Charles is now underway. Attempts are also being made to uncover the entire scheme. The heroin was delivered to Delhi from Afghanistan, and attempts are on to trace its path and identify other people engaged in the ring “Added he.

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