Abductors of Seven Abia State University Students Demand N14m Ransom

abductors of seven abia state university students demand n14m ransom
abductors of seven abia state university students demand n14m ransom

Seven students from Abia State University Uturu have been kidnapped by gunmen presumed to be Fulani herders (ABSU).

The Abductors allegedly called the students’ families and wanted N2 million for each of their victims.

The students were kidnapped along the Okigwe/Uturu route at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 31, when the bus they were on with other passengers was ambushed by gunmen. The news did not get out till the weekend.

Mejeh Emmanuel and Divine Nwachukwu, both medical students, have been named as two of the victims.

The university’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) assured that efforts were being stepped up to obtain the release of the impacted students, while also encouraging students to avoid traveling at night.

In the meantime, the Abia and Imo State Police Commands have teamed up to save the children.

On Sunday, Geoffrey Ogbonna, a spokesman for the Command in Abia, confirmed the seven students’ kidnapping and stated that they have not been released.

He noted that the two police commands required to work together because the kidnapping occurred at an axis of the road in Imo State, while the victims were students at an Abia State-owned institution.

“The governors of Abia and Imo states are looking into the situation. “The students are from Abia State University Students, and I believe there are about seven of them,” he stated.

Prof. Onyemachi Ogbulu, Vice-Chancellor of ABSU, said that the kidnappers have already made contact and have sought a ransom before the students can be released.

According to him, the kidnappers phoned him on Friday and demanded N10 million for each of the students, but the ransom was dropped to N2 million 24 hours later.

Despite the significant presence of security officers along the road leading to the school, the ABSU VC expressed his anger with the security services, adding that the institution is tired of hearing about repeated kidnappings of its students.

“Despite the fact that there are more than six security checkpoints between Okigwe and ABSU, this happens every now and then, and nobody has been caught,” he bemoaned.

He wondered why student kidnappings continued “despite the presence of all the security personnel, the army, the police, and the Mobile Police.”

Prof. Ogbulu claimed that students had been told by school officials “not to venture out at night,” but that they had ignored the warnings.

He stated he hasn’t slept since learning that his students had been kidnapped, and that he has been in contact with all of the state’s security agencies as well as the state administration.

“We’re hard at work. I’m in touch with the 143 Battalion Commander. The solution is to attack them, but the ransom will (eventually) be paid. “In our country, we are not sincere,” the heartbroken VC remarked.

Even after adopting the SIM card registration and tracking system in the country, he claims that the federal government and security services have failed to safeguard Nigerians from kidnappers.

“The ransom will be paid, and someone will come there, pay up the cash, and flee without being discovered. Not only in the east, but throughout the country.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear about some sort of issue.” He stated, “This is a country that cannot defend its residents’ lives and property, which is the primary role of any government.”

Prof Ogbulu stated that the ABSU administration has engaged with the Commissioner of Police, Battalion Commander, AIG, DSS, and other relevant authorities in order for the students to be released.

“This isn’t what we’re here for. Security is on the Exclusive List according to the Constitution. This is not a function of the municipal or state governments; it is the responsibility of the country’s Commander-in-Chief and Armed Forces “He made a point.

He believes that if the federal government is unable to provide adequate security, Nigerians should be allowed to carry guns and state governments should be allowed to safeguard their residents’ lives and property.

“Let the governors, in words and fact, be the true head security officers of their states. “Let there be state police and local government police. “Whether they like it or not, this country has failed,” the VC continued.

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