Adamu Garba resigns from APC, claims party lacks vision for Nigeria

adamu garba resigns from apc, claims party lacks vision for nigeria
adamu garba resigns from apc, claims party lacks vision for nigeria

Adamu Garba, a former presidential candidate for the ruling party, has resigned from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Adamu Garba, who withdrew from the presidential campaign after earning N83 million, criticised the party for charging N100 million for its presidential nomination forms.

He stated that it was an effort to eliminate youth and other worthy candidates from the contest.

Adamu Garba stated that he did not collect APC presidential nomination forms after consulting with his campaign staff.

Wednesday, he took to social media to announce his resignation from the APC, claiming that the party had lost its moral compass.

The statement read, “I am writing to officially inform you of my decision to resigns from the All Progressives Congress” (APC).

“I resigned due to the fact that the APC as a party has lost its moral compass and has adopted behaviours that run counter to democratic principles.”

“More importantly, as a young man who believes in the future of Nigeria and who previously had high hopes for the APC, I can no longer remain a member of a party that prioritises money over competence, vested interest over common interest, chronic elitism over public good, and politics of exclusion over inclusion.

“I do not, in all honesty, truly, and with consciousness, feel that any young man in Nigeria has a future or model worthy of emulation for the sake of Nigeria in the APC. I believe the party has strayed so far from its founding principles to become a more cynical, undemocratic institution.

“I also believed that the party had broken its pledges to deliver public good throughout the years, abused the public’s confidence, and turned out to be doing far worse than the PDP government we fought so hard to overthrow. The issue of internal security is the worst since the party paid more attention to propaganda media claims than to the desires of the people.

Furthermore, the party seems to encourage its enemies more than its allies, to favour its adversaries more than its allies, to despise the prospect of a new generation of leaders beyond just youth leadership seats, and to have no credible, workable plans for Nigeria’s future as we enter the heart of the 21st century’s turmoil.

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