“Alfa” caught having sex with a psychotic lady in Ibadan

alfa caught having sex with a psychotic lady in ibadan
alfa caught having sex with a psychotic lady in ibadan

In Ibadan, a guy believed to be an Alfa was caught having sexual relations with a psychotic lady.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, a guy is seen approaching a lady in a filthy backyard, where she is lying on a concrete floor with her head on a mat.

The individual then glances around, takes his pants down, looks around once more, and seems to penetrate the woman.

Observers filming from a neighbouring residence can be heard muttering in shock.

“Alfa o,” a lady is heard uttering in a shocked tone.

A male is heard repeating, “Yes, he’s sleeping with her, yes, he’s sleeping with her.”

“Stop speaking so loudly,” she tells him as they observe and video the Alfa doing the crime.

The woman was astounded that the same Alfa who preaches to others could do such terrible behaviour.

The man filming can be heard constantly uttering the name of Jesus while expressing amazement.

As he continues shooting, the man says, “This one is occurring live in Ibadan o. Jesus Christ. Ahhhh. A man of God for that matter.”

At this moment, the male is seen rising from the woman’s body and pulling his underwear and pants back up to his waist.

The woman then explains that “Alfas” such as the one they are observing are tarnishing the name of true Alfas and men of God.

While the two are still reeling from the shock, the purported Alfa opens a calabash, removes a handkerchief from it, and wipes the insanity-stricken woman’s private portion while making sure no one is watching.

They shout, “Jesus, he wants to use it for juju!”

The video concludes with the man departing, leaving the insane woman in place.


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