An Abuja couple was kidnapped by bandits in a midnight raid

an abuja couple was kidnapped by bandits in a midnight raid
an abuja couple was kidnapped by bandits in a midnight raid

At Sheda village in Kwali area council of Abuja, bandits kidnapped a husband and wife, Mr Sunday Odoma Ojarume and Mrs Janet Odoma Ojarume.

A resident of Sheda, Japhet Musa, has revealed that kidnappers armed with high-tech firearms stormed the hamlet early Sunday morning.

He claimed that the kidnappers set up shop in crucial areas of the neighbourhood before other gangs stormed the victims’ fences and took them away under threat of violence.

Sheda village was on edge on Sunday because of the periodic firing by kidnappers who had positioned themselves at strategic points in the hamlet, he claimed.
Though the kidnappers later freed the woman and requested her to seek out compensation for her husband, he noted that this was not the end of the story.

On Monday, the victim’s wife confirmed the witness’s claim that the kidnappers hopped over the fence and snatched her and her husband away from their home.

“But the boss of the kidnappers instructed that they should allow me to go back home so that I will source for ransom,” she remarked while they were transporting us out of the village.

The kidnappers forced their way into the woman’s home, forcing her to get out of bed and open the door, she said.

“Because they couldn’t get out of the children’s room, my two children were sleeping in the children’s room. That was the one thing that could have rescued my children,” she went on.

She claims that the kidnappers have not been contacted.
Students at the Federal Government College (FCG) Kwali, where the operation was taking place, were reportedly agitated by the occasional gunfire.

When I texted DSP Adeh Josephine, FCT police spokeswoman, asking for comment on the most recent kidnapping incidence, she has yet to text me back.
Since then, parents have been forced to evacuate their children from FGC Kwali.

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