An Increase In The Price Of Food And Fuel Is A Global Trend – FG

An Increase In The Price Of Food And Fuel Is A Global Trend - FG
An Increase In The Price Of Food And Fuel Is A Global Trend – FG

According to the Federal Government, price increases in some foodstuffs, gasoline, diesel, and other products are a global trend that is not isolated to any one country.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, revealed this at a media conference on Monday in Abuja, adding that portraying the situation as a Nigerian problem was deceptive, dishonest, and a clear act of disinformation.

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Nigeria is still battling with fossil fuels while countries prioritize clean energy.
He said the data being thrown around by the opposition and a segment of the media, comparing the prices of some foodstuffs, gasoline, and diesel before and after 2015, were misleading.

“It’s apparent that this misapplication of numbers is causing havoc. Those who throw these numbers around without putting them in context are only half-witted.

“Take, for example, the cost of food and gasoline. If you look up the price of food in other nations, particularly the United Kingdom and the United States, you’ll see a significant increase. ‘It’s the same with gas or petrol prices,” he added.

The minister went on to say that the catastrophic gasoline shortages that had been plaguing the country in recent months had begun to ease as the government’s efforts took effect.

He emphasized that, despite the problems it encountered, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has made significant progress in all areas.

As a result, Mohammed warned Nigerians to be aware of the opposition’s lies and misinformation.

“Nigerians are still traumatized by their 16-year misrule, and they will not return to ‘Egypt’ by re-installing the ‘demolition gang,” he stated.

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