Ansaru Militants ‘Take Over’ Kaduna, Ban Political Activities

ansaru militants 'take over' kaduna, ban political activities
ansaru militants ‘take over’ kaduna, ban political activities

According to Birnin-Gwari Emirate Progressives’ Union, the Ansaru terrorist group has outlawed political activity in numerous communities in the eastern part of Birnin-Gwari Local Government Area in Kaduna State (BEPU).

BEPU Chairman Ishaq Kasai, who raised the alarm, stated that the gang routinely recruits young villagers and marries off young girls in the area.

He claims that the Ansaru group has camps in seven political wards in the eastern portion of the Local government region.

Additionally, he stated that militants typically beat anyone spotted with political party or emblem posters in communities under their authority.

The Chairman stated that the Ansaru group continues to develop strength in the region by recruiting locals, particularly young people.

“In actuality, the gang continues to gain acceptance from many commoners, especially in Old Kuyello and Damari of Kazage Ward.” This week, two members of the group were engaged to be married to two girls, and the weddings will take place on Saturday.

“The Ansaru (grooms) set some rules for the wedding with the in-laws. They decided that, following the wedding, they would take the brides to the forest and live with them, and that the brides would not be allowed to bring any furniture other than plates (coolers) and mattresses, as anything else would contradict their ideas and values.

“It would be alarming if the gang prohibited all political activities in numerous communities, including Damari of Kazage Ward. Before holding political meetings, politicians from these areas are required to go to neighboring communities that are located far apart.

“For instance, this week an Okada rider from Unguwar Makera of Kazage Ward was spotted with a candidate’s bumper sticker for the Kaduna State House of Assembly, and he was soundly defeated by the Ansaru.

“Participation in political activities is now jaded and frustrating in these groups.

“We do not know how the upcoming elections will take place in those areas because even the last Local Government Election could not be held there due to escalating insecurity, which rendered the election results inconclusive and led to the appointment of a Sole Administrator to oversee the Local Government’s affairs until now.

“In a nutshell, the Ansaru are currently in control of several local villages and are increasing their occupancy. In the villages they dominate, they now call the shots and decide what must be done, he said.

He stated that the public are alarmed that the state’s authorities have provided no effective response despite the ominous development.

“Every day, our communities are attacked, and individuals are kidnapped and murdered without a response, acknowledgement, or report from the government.

“We request that the government organize a coordinated aerial and ground security operation to the hideouts of these criminals in our forests in order to flush them out and end the daily killings of our people by the unopposed terrorist gangs that surround our communities,” he said.

The State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, could not be reached at the time this report was filed because he was in an emergency security meeting.

The State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Mohammed Jalige, stated that he will examine the statement before reacting.

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