Baale of Olowe Gbagura in Abeokuta Burnt To Death

Baale of Olowe Gbagura in Abeokuta Burnt To Death
Baale of Olowe Gbagura in Abeokuta Burnt To Death

It has been claimed that the Baale of Olowe Gbagura in Abeokuta North Local Government Area, Ogun State’s Chief Akin Muheedeen, was killed by arsonists.

One of Nigeria’s most revered monarchs was assassinated in the Ewekoro Local Government Area on January 24.

Unknown gunmen set fire to the bodies of Odetola and three of his assistants after a conflict over chieftaincy left the town in ruins.

Muheedeen was burned to death less than a month after the incident by unknown assailants.

The head of the community was said to have gone out to pray the morning prayer (Subhi) when the fire broke out in his home.

Locals claimed that an unknown assailant shattered a window in order to gain entrance to the traditional ruler’s residence and kill him.

After killing him, the perpetrators are said to have set him on fire.

According to our source, the deceased baale was embroiled in a land dispute with a group of people.

It’s said that some people who claimed to own the land had him arrested and arraigned for supposed involvement in a dispute.

Prior to his death on Monday morning, the village chief, who was due in court on March 15, was said to have started the process of resolving the dispute amicably.

The incident was confirmed by one of Silifat’s wives, who claimed to have seen smoke rising from their home at around 6 a.m.

After seeing the flames, I couldn’t figure out what was going on and screamed, not knowing what to do. When I arrived, I saw my spouse already dead, on fire. We later discovered that a window had been shattered in the back of the property. Silifat claimed, “We didn’t know who killed him.”

His second wife, Iyabode, said that they slept in the same room and that he left the room every morning to urinate and pray.

His daily prayer routine required him to go outside at 6am to perform his bodily functions and get ready for the day. When my older wife started yelling, “fire, fire,” I knew something was wrong. I dashed outside to find that the blaze was caused by a piece of baale. He left the house without a lighter or a match. As Iyabode put it, “We don’t know who did this.”

As the Seriki of Olowe, Chief Kazeem Dauda, denounced the act, he indicated that there had been a problem between the baale and certain individuals.

In the seriki’s words, “A few days ago, I was here with him so that he would not fear about the matter in court. His land has been the subject of ownership disputes. Even in court, he was arrested and released on bail. His next court appearance was scheduled for March 15th. He was a class act. He had never had a problem with anyone before this.

“I received a phone call this morning stating that he had committed suicide. “How come?” I inquired. However, when I arrived, we found that the window had been broken. “He couldn’t have set himself on fire like that,” I said.

Oyeyemi said he hadn’t been told by police on the incident and was unavailable for comment.

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