Bandits kill 62 vigilantes in Kebbi state


Bandits attacked and killed at least 62 volunteer vigilantes in northwest Nigeria’s Kebbi state, the group’s leader and a police official claimed.

Volunteers defend villages and towns from armed gangs in many northwestern Nigerian states where security services are stretched fighting Islamist terrorists and bandits.

He said his gang planned to attack robbers in the Sakaba area on Sunday night, but someone tipped them off.

He stated they set up an ambush, hid their motorcycles in the bushes, circled us, and opened fire from all sides. He said 62 had died.

Nafiu Abubakar, spokesman for Kebbi police, acknowledged the ambush but did not know the casualty count.

Gunmen have kidnapped hundreds of schoolchildren and locals for ransom in the northwest.

The violence has exacerbated problems in northern states, which are normally poorer.

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