Bayelsa reports 13 cases of monkeypox

bayelsa reports 13 cases of monkeypox
bayelsa reports 13 cases of monkeypox

The Ministry of Health in Bayelsa State has confirmed 13 cases of monkeypox.

According to Dr. Jones Stow, the state’s director of public health, the virus primarily affects males.

When monkeypox first appeared in the country, Stow said that appropriate food handling during cooking, fumigation, and placing death traps for rodents—which are primary carriers of the disease—were the main preventative measures. Today, vaccines are available to protect against the disease.

He added that the state administration is making concerted efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Stow remarked,

The government of Bayelsa has taken extensive measures to raise public awareness about the threat posed by monkeypox. Yet, we are raising consciousness.

“We have gone to the communities where we have confirmed cases of monkeypox to perform an active search, travelling from family to household to check for the persons who have the monkeypox symptoms in order to transfer them to an isolation centre,”

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