Bello Matawalle signs death penalty for kidnappers, bandits

bello matawalle signs death penalty for kidnappers, bandits
bello matawalle signs death penalty for kidnappers, bandits

Bello Matawalle, governor of the state of Zamfara, has approved a death penalty law that applies to anyone convicted of banditry, cattle rustling, cultism, or informing on criminals.

This was reported by the Governor in a statewide radio address on August 16.

When asked about it, he stated

The measure prohibiting and punishing banditry, cattle rustling, cultism, kidnapping, and other incidental offences was signed into law by me on June 28, 2022.

Criminals who commit acts of banditry can be prosecuted using the tools provided by the law.

Under the new legislation, the death sentence is in effect for those convicted of banditry, kidnapping, livestock rustling, cultism, or being an informant for bandits.

A similar sentence applies to those who are determined to have provided material or other forms of support for the aforementioned crimes: either life in prison, 20 years in jail, or 10 years in jail, all without the possibility of a fine.

Matawalle explained that the measures were implemented as part of his administration’s ongoing attempts to combat the issue of banditry, which has plagued the state and the adjacent northern states for over a decade.

Even if the bandits are still launching isolated attacks here and there, he is relieved to report that recent steps are starting to produce the desired consequences.

He was optimistic that the state’s insecurity problems might be resolved quickly thanks to the work of informants and called their efforts as “a huge change.”

“I am happy to inform the peace-loving people of Zamfara State that we have succeeded in apprehending many of them in respect to the issue of informants, which is the greatest hindrance in the war against banditry.

We will be prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law, and they are now being probed in preparation for that,” he said.

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