Buhari Promises Tougher Action Against Insurgents

buhari promises tougher action against insurgents
buhari promises tougher action against insurgents

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned of stronger security measures in the country, particularly in the North West and North Central.

He made the remarks yesterday in Abuja at a meeting of the All Progressives Congress’s National Executive Committee.

He stated that the efforts that resulted in relative calm in the South South and the liberation of the North East from terrorist control will be increased.

The president also pledged a thorough assessment of operations and strategy.

He agreed that the greatest security issues remained in the North Central and North West, stating, “We are going to be extremely tough.”

“I’d like us to consider the situation before we arrived. How many LGAs in the North-East were under terrorist control?

“In the South-South, we all know what the situation was; today we have relative tranquilly.” We did quite well given the resources at our disposal.

“People are notoriously forgetful.” Our primary issue right now is in the North West and North Central. Why are people killing one another in these places? “We’re going to be really difficult,” he remarked.

In addition, while receiving Karin Ahmad Khan, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), yesterday, Buhari stated that with appropriate education, the majority of Nigerians now understood that the Boko Haram insurgency had neither religious or ethnic foundation.

He stated that through persistent public awareness, it had become evident to the people that Boko Haram was a religious aberration rather than Islamic philosophy.

“God is justice. You can’t slaughter innocent people and then yell, “Allah Akbar!” (God is great). Either you don’t know God at all, or you’re being dumb.

“It is quite deceptive to claim that Western education is undesirable (Haram).” That is why we are battling them and educating the public. And we’re doing rather well.

“We took office when things were terribly terrible, but we are teaching the people.” Education is critical. Religion and ethnicity are not relevant. Some individuals have made it a way of life to sow chaos, ruin, and death,” Buhari added.

Khan compared extremism to cancer, saying that it spreads but may also retreat, adding that what Boko Haram does in partnership with the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) is a “perversion of religion.”

He stated that the ICC believed in complementarity, which “promotes collaboration rather than confrontation,” and urged Nigeria, in collaboration with other Sahel/Lake Chad basin countries, to petition the United Nations Security Council to refer atrocities committed by terrorist groups operating in the region to the ICC for investigation and, if necessary, trial.

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