Buhari Tells Desperate Politicians That They Cannot Rig in 2023

Buhari Tells Desperate Politicians That They Cannot Rig in 2023
Buhari Tells Desperate Politicians That They Cannot Rig in 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to utilise all legal means to safeguard Nigerians’ votes in the 2023 general elections.

Thursday, the President Buhari addressed an Iftar dinner attended by members of the Diplomatic Corps.

He warned anyone considering rigging the 2023 general elections to abandon the idea.

“Those plotting to rig the next elections should reconsider, because I intend to staunchly preserve and defend the holy will of the Nigerian people as expressed via the ballot box,” he stated.

Buhari also issued a warning against foreign meddling in the next elections.

“As you are all aware, this Administration’s time will expire on 29th May 2023. As is customary in election years across the world, the pace of political activity is frequently rapid.

“This is inherent in democracy. I am dedicated to leaving Nigeria with a better culture of credible elections than I encountered.

“As Nigeria continues on this path, I ask our global allies, represented by you, the Diplomatic Corps, to play a constructive role that promotes the concept of respect for our internal affairs, as well as a commitment to facts free of preconceived assumptions and bias,” he added.

Buhari, while addressing the Russia-Ukraine war, emphasised the importance of more concern for humanitarian issues in the conflict’s impacted areas.

He cautioned that if no rapid settlement was found, the crisis will deteriorate.

President Buhari applauded UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres’ recent proposal to visit Moscow and Kyiv, commending his efforts to broker a truce as a precursor to other long-term solutions.

The President asked the whole world, particularly the Muslim community, to use the solemn and fruitful month of Ramadan, and particularly these final days of the fast, to strengthen prayers for the de-escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the restoration of world peace.

On COVID-19, the President reiterated Nigeria’s demand for vaccine equity and patent waivers for vaccines and licenced treatments to combat the highly contagious illness, adding that the nation will continue to strengthen its capacity for pandemic management.

Amb. Ibrahima Salaheddine, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and Cameroon’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, guaranteed that the international community will continue to help Nigeria before to, during, and after the 2019 general elections.

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