Buhari’s policies are so bad even his wife opposes them – Kukah

Buhari's policies are so bad even his wife opposes them - Kukah
Buhari’s policies are so bad even his wife opposes them – Kukah

Matthew Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has launched a new attack on the presidency.

Since Sunday, when he criticised President Muhammadu Buhari in his Easter sermon, the priest has been in the headlines.

The preacher said that Buhari had ruined Nigeria, stating that only corruption thrived under the president.

Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina, presidential spokespeople, had assaulted Kukah, with Shehu daring him to remove his robe and enter party politics.

But, appearing on an ARISE TV show on Tuesday, Kukah defended what he stated in his Easter sermon.

He stated that Nigerians are aware of the reality, and that even First Lady Aisha Buhari does not endorse all of her husband’s policies.

“Those who claim I assaulted the president should know that I never insulted his person. All I’ve mentioned is his incapacity to manage differences properly and efficiently. I studied diversity in college and know what I’m talking about.

“Those who think these things are personal will notice that I have never mentioned his person or character; I feel he is a gentleman, but as president, he has done a poor job; even his wife has disagreed with his policies.”

“So those folks shouldn’t sit in their air-conditioned office drinking coffee and thinking everything is hunky-dory.” Allow them to disagree with the content of my message. Let me put the record straight: I gave my sermon and the message to my audience. The message’s bearers are particularly aimed towards the good people of Sokoto diocese.

“The president understands that I have enormous regard for him and that he is a gentleman, but he has done a really awful job as Nigeria’s president.”

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