Cambodian court upholds life sentences for two Nigerian drug smugglers

cambodian court upholds life sentences for two nigerian drug smugglers
cambodian court upholds life sentences for two nigerian drug smugglers

In a case involving the smuggling of more than 2.5 kilogrammes of cocaine from Brazil to Cambodia in 2014, the Phnom Penh Appeal Court upheld the life sentences handed down by the municipal court to two Nigerian men, a Filipina, and a Cambodian woman.

Judge Ky Rithy, who presided over the case, stated that “after having a clear consideration in this matter, the Judges’ Council of the Phnom Penh Appeal Court has concluded that the penalties granted by the Phnom Penh Appeal Court is appropriate and fit for their offence.”

Within a month of receiving their sentences, the four convicted individuals may file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Macoy Mavill Villamor, a former nurse from the Philippines who is now 49 years old, Emmanuel Thankgod, male, 41, and Michael Sunshine, male, 39, both cloth vendors from Nigeria, and Meng Sinuon, a former waitress who worked at a French-owned restaurant in Cambodia who is now 38 years old and lives in the Phsar Doeum Thkov commune, were all identified by Judge Ky Rithy.

The Municipal Court handed down life sentences to Macoy, Sunshine, Thankgod, and Meng Sinuon on September 16, 2014, and 22 and 27 years to respectively. In addition, each prisoner was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000.

According to Article 40 of the Law on Drug Control, they face charges of “drug transport and trafficking.”

The anti-drug unit of the Ministry of the Interior’s police force, the excise and customs police, and the immigration police all worked together to apprehend Macoy on February 12, 2014, at Phnom Penh International Airport.

With Macoy’s confession in hand, police were able to apprehend other Nigerians who had come to buy cocaine from her. In total, police seized 2,513 grammes of cocaine powders.

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