CAN appeals to Christians to Respect other people’s religious doctrines

can appeals to christians to respect other people’s religious doctrines
can appeals to christians to respect other people’s religious doctrines

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has urged Christians to always respect the doctrines of persons of other faiths, highlighting the need for all religious organisations to engage their congregations in religious education more effectively.

Monday on The Morning Show on Arise TV, the national president of CAN, Dr. Samson Ayokunle, stated that pupils should be educated to report issues to the appropriate authorities or law enforcement organisations.

He stated, “Religious education is necessary so that you are aware of what people of other faiths don’t want and respect them. Peace will exist in this nation if there is mutual respect. Do not take unintended offence from someone who has insulted you. Report it accordingly. This society is civilised. We are not in the stone age.

“To the best of my knowledge, none of the Christian materials I obtained from our people in Sokoto revealed the names of any religious leaders.”

“Killing that woman and burning her on fire is one deed too many, and it should never happen again under the cover of any faith. And I’d like to issue a warning to religious leaders who argue that a red line must be established.

“In a democracy, if there’s a red line for you, report it immediately and let the law enforcement agencies handle it,” he said. “At the same time, I urge every Christian to respect other religious groups.”

Noting that no one has the right to take unilateral action to end the life of another human being, Ayokunle stated, “If we have been communicating with our government and they have not taken decisive action to bring the perpetrators to justice, then the entire world needs to hear.” To aid Nigerian Christians, we’ll have to reach out to the international community.

The preacher, describing the Deborah incident as irritating and barbarous, stated that nobody has a monopoly on the environment, adding, “If certain individuals are doing this and getting away with it like it’s the Banana Republic, lawlessness may soon ensue.”

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