Chrisland School reopens as Dubai sex scandal inquiry continues

chrisland school reopens as dubai sex scandal inquiry continues
chrisland school reopens as dubai sex scandal inquiry continues

The Lagos State government has reopened Chrisland School, which had been closed following a scandal involving some of its students.

Pupils in Dubai were caught on camera having sex with one another, and the video quickly went viral.

The incident had prompted a national outcry, with many criticising the school and the parents of the children of poor parenting following the occurrence.

Following an inquiry into Chrisland School, the Lagos state government has declared the closure of all Chrisland School branches.

On Monday, Commissioner of Education Mrs. Follasade Adefisayo, issued an order to reopen the school.

On April 25, 2022, the Lagos State Ministry of Education has ordered the reopening of all Chrisland Schools that were closed due to alleged wrongdoing by several pupils in Dubai. ‘

The directive was issued following a review of the current administrative investigation into the event.” In addition, this is to ensure that students will have access to education when the new term begins on Monday, April 25, 2022, as well.
So that children and staff could be kept secure and a thorough investigation could be conducted, the state government closed all schools in the affected region.

For the pupils, state agencies and the school’s Parent Teachers Association will work together to provide scheduled psychosocial support. Students’ safety on school outings and excursions is being thoroughly inspected to identify and prevent any potential dangers that might arise.

Furthermore, the Ministry plans to release revised rules and standards for state-wide private and public schools within the next month.

Officers continue to investigate school staff and parents of students who were involved in wrongdoing.

To our knowledge, they are currently stationed in the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Panti, Yaba (Lagos),

State Police Public Relations Officer SP Benjamin Hundeyin told our correspondent that those invited had already arrived in Panti, in an interview with our correspondent.

He had said, “The invited persons have shown up and as I speak to you (about 7.30 p.m.), they are at State CIID, Panti. Despite this, they continue to give their accounts.

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