Cross River will deliver 100 percent for Tinubu – Ben Ayade

Cross River will deliver 100 percent for Tinubu - Ben Ayade
Cross River will deliver 100 percent for Tinubu – Ben Ayade

The governor of Cross River State, Sir Ben Ayade, announced on Tuesday that the state will work hard to assure the success of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the 2023 election.

First to speak after the party’s Presidential Primaries, Ayade reaffirmed his commitment to the party’s electoral triumph regardless of the outcome of the presidential primaries.

Ben Ayade, speaking to the press at Calabar’s Margaret Ekpo International Airport, stated: “Regarding my presidential ambition, I am grateful to God for affording me the opportunity to demonstrate to the public what I had to give. Sincerely, I appreciate the positive responses to my speech at the primaries that I have gotten from a variety of individuals.

The governor continued by saying, “It was evident that everyone understood I had much to offer this country, but it was not my time, it was not my day. It belonged to someone else, and I am pleased that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has accepted our party’s nomination. Based on the principles of our party, we will all fight to deliver him in 2023. Cross River will ensure that our presidential candidate receives one hundred percent of the vote.”

Ben Ayade said that the purpose of his recent business trip to Spain was to investigate options for the launch of Cally Airline as a separate corporation.

“I just returned from Spain, where I attended a lengthy meeting and debate with the goal of bringing oxygen to Cally Air. As you are well aware, Cally Air only has two aircraft, when we require three to obtain a licence to operate as an independent airline. This has been a difficulty for some time.”
In accordance with the governor, “We had a productive and beneficial chat with a few corporations in the hopes that they will offer us with a fourth aircraft, allowing us to operate at full capacity.

In addition, Ayade also implied that “We’ve had conversations with cargo businesses to determine how they can collaborate with us on the Obudu Cargo Airport. The airport’s construction has reached a fairly advanced stage, and I am convinced and optimistic that the Obudu Cargo Airport will soon be completely operational. Therefore, we must initiate foot falls in advance. This explains why I dedicated so much time to completing that task.”

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