Despite backstabbing, Tinubu believes that God would see him through

despite backstabbing tinubu believes that god would see him through
despite backstabbing tinubu believes that god would see him through

Over 70 APC senators met to hear former Lagos State governor and APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, beg for their support.

The encounter was well timed. Tinubu in a tumultuous house. He was effusive with the senators. Despite the backstabbing, he said his faith in God will carry him through his presidential ambitions.

During the visit, Asiwaju and the legislators discussed a wide variety of problems.

Before describing the legislature as the essence of representative democracy, Asiwaju recalled his own tenure in the Senate. “The core of representative democracy is the gathering of the cautious and wise to establish just laws for the people,” he told caucus members. This body’s laws will shape the nation’s destiny. I know this nation is in excellent hands because of your efforts and words.”

Tinubu, who took time to recount his struggles for democracy, stated that he came to seek the lawmakers’ support and participation in achieving his goal in 2023.

His objective is not to step on President Muhammadu Buhari’s toes. Rather, he plans to succeed Obama in 2023.

He praised the Ahmed Lawan-led Senate’s efforts to promote unity and peace via legislation.

He urged the Senate to keep legislating for Nigeria’s stability and unity, using the opening verse of the country’s first National Anthem.

In regard to the latest electoral act reform, President Buhari wanted provision 84(12) repealed, which the Senate rejected decisively.

He stated the Senate President led with courage. In his words: “You did it lately there was a bill that needs changing. I saw the Senate President raise the gavel, the nays were loudest, the yeses were hushed, and he explained.

“That is the boldness the nation needs. I shall always respect you, Mr. Senate President.

“Senator President, you have displayed extraordinary leadership since taking office.

“You have walked through a minefield to bring our country together. So please exploit our unity and diversity for our benefit.

“I regard the amicable partnership between the National Assembly and the administration as vital to national development and progress.”

“It is vital that you execute your work free of intimidation or bullying,” remarked the former Lagos governor. You’ve done it. As a team leader, you work hard to develop a successful team that steers this country in the correct path.

Tinubu also appealed to the party’s senators to back his presidential aspirations.

The former Lagos State governor encouraged lawmakers to support his quest.

“Why am I here? It’s been a long time. Nigeria needs a new leader. President Obama ends his second term.

“The election is in February. We have many programmes, which I won’t repeat: nomination process, primary process, etc. I can’t do it alone, nor can I remain at home and expect my numerous intimate friends to do it for me. That we can accomplish it together. You can help me achieve my lifelong desire.

‘Go quickly alone, but go as a team if you want to get there effectively,’ wise elders advise. Today, I beg for that ‘teamsmanship’. Get me through the nomination hurdle and into the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The Senate President said that the APC Senate Caucus was a foundation of the party.

We have remained loyal to the party and our agenda to work inside us and the Executive. The APC caucus helped us achieve so much.

Our party’s victories in 2015 and 2019 should be properly utilised for the benefit of Nigerians.

“Recently we experienced trouble due of miscommunication between some of our members and the party was temporarily confused,” Lawan remarked of the leadership turmoil.

“I’m glad it’s over. Our party is clearly on pace to have our national convention in two weeks and elect a new set of leaders.”

“All of us wish you well, wish you luck in this and in the matters of battling for APC to continue to be the ruling party in Nigeria justly; your Excellency, we are with you,” Lawan said.

Former senators Adedayo Adeyeye (Ekiti), Abu Ibrahim (Katsina), and Iyiola Omisore (Katsina) (Osun).

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