Emmauel Macron defeats Marine Le Pen to win a second term

emmauel macron defeats marine le pen to win a second term
emmauel macron defeats marine le pen to win a second term

Preliminary polls showed that Emmanuel Macron easily defeated far-right competitor Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s presidential election, securing his second term and preventing a political earthquake.

According to early estimates, Macron would win with 57-58 percent of the vote. However, once official results from throughout the country come in and are analysed, these estimates can be improved upon.

As the results showed on a huge screen in the Champ de Mars park at the foot of the Eiffel tower, Macron supporters erupted in joyous applause, waving French and EU flags in celebration. “Macron” was chanted as they embraced one another.

In contrast, in a large reception hall outside of Paris, a group of unhappy Le Pen supporters burst into boos when they heard the news.

For Macron, the pollsters predicted a 57.6-58.2 percent margin of victory.

It would be welcomed as a respite for mainstream politics after Brexit, Trump’s election, and the emergence of a new generation of nationalist politicians if the centrist, pro-European Union Macron were to win.

Only two other French presidents have served a second term, and Macron will be the third. To illustrate how many French people are displeased with Le Pen and his domestic performance, his margin of victory appears to be narrower than when he first defeated Le Pen in 2017.

Turnout estimates echoed this dissatisfaction, with major French polling institutions predicting an abstention rate of 28 percent, the highest level since 1969, to settle in around that number.

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