Every Christian must stand up and defend our faith – Mbaka

every christian must stand up and defend our faith – mbaka
every christian must stand up and defend our faith – mbaka

Fr. Ejike Mbaka, founder of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, has challenged Christians to defend their faith.

Mbaka stated this in response to the execution of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto on Thursday for alleged blasphemy.

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Deborah was laid to rest on Saturday at Tunga Magajiya, her hometown in the Rijau local government area of Niger State.

Sunday, in response to the heinous conduct, Father Mbaka stated, “They have murdered this child. They executed her after accusing her of disrespecting Mohammed.

“This has been my position all along. Christians are engaged in numerous conflicts. Christians should not begin fighting with one another.

“Interreligious and intrareligious conflict must cease. The struggle between and within denominations should cease. I implore people who are fighting against Father Mbaka and the Adoration Ministry to travel to Sokoto and engage in combat with those who murdered one of our daughters.

“Should she be executed? Every Christian must defend our beliefs. The time has here. This is a test of faith. How many of those who slandered Jesus have been executed?

“Is it still a single nation? If Nigeria is to be a single nation, then let it be, but if this is to be our future, then everyone should return home. I repeated it last Sunday and am doing so again.”

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