FACT CHECK: Did Amaechi Visit APC Chairman With Bags Of Cash?

FACT CHECK: Did Amaechi Visit APC Chairman With Bags Of Cash?
FACT CHECK: Did Amaechi Visit APC Chairman With Bags Of Cash?

A photo of Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, and Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), with some ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ bags in-between their seats is presently circulating on social media.

The image is circulating on several social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, and appears to show Amaechi handing over sacks of cash to the party chairman.

T’Challa, for example, posted on Twitter that the nation’s resources were being utilised to play politics.

T’Challa tweeted, “You see the loan Buhari and Amaechi have been incurring from China for railway stashed in those three Ghana-Must-Go suitcases.”

“Recall Amaechi’s remark about not like money. “Behind them are money bags that @ChibukeAmaechi took to the APC Chairman,” one Ogochukwu posted on Twitter.

Verification: According to Daily Trust, the minister of transportation, who is also a presidential candidate on the APC platform, paid a visit to Adamu at the chairman’s Keffi house in Nasarawa State on Sunday.

The minister’s meeting with the party’s helmsman may be related to the fact that the contest for the party’s ticket is heating up.

However, it was unclear if the luggage were brought by Mr. Amaechi. Furthermore, it is unclear if the bags seen in the image included cash.

One Habeebah Suleiman, who claimed to be in Amaechi’s entourage during the visit, verified that Amaechi met with the APC chairman but did not remain longer than 20 minutes and did not leave with any bag of money.

Suleiman stated on social media, “Very unfair. I spent the entire day yesterday (Saturday) at the APC national Chairman’s Keffi house. Amaechi went in and stayed for 20 minutes before leaving. He was not escorted inside the residence by even one security detail, and he was surely not accompanied by any Ghana Must Go bag, not even a “Man handbag.”

A Google reverse image search on the photo created on Twitter yielded no results as to where it came from. As a result, it was impossible to determine if the photograph was shot during the visit or was doctored.

The image is not among those shared by the party following Amaechi’s visit.

When contacted, an APC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity dismissed the image as “social media nonsense,” adding, “There is nothing to it.”

Conclusion: Although Ghana Must Go bags were shown in a photograph of Amaechi with the APC national Chairman, there is no indication that they contained money carried by the presidential candidate.

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