Fake Soldier: The Reason I Became Okada Snatcher

Fake Soldier: The Reason I Became Okada Snatcher
Fake Soldier: The Reason I Became Okada Snatcher

Elias Marcus, a 33-year-old imposter who was detained while attempting to steal a motorcycle, admitted that his desire to join the Nigerian Army (NA) led him to impersonate and engage in bike theft.

Marcus, who was arrested by the Lagos State Task Force on Saturday, stated that he was rejected recruitment because he lacked a godfather.

He stated, “I’ve always desired to be a force man, but since I was unable to become one, I decided to impersonate one. I entered the profession of stealing under false pretences because it gives me cover and commands respect in certain situations. My wife is unaware that I am involved in such a business.”

Shola Jejeloye, chairman of the Lagos State Task Force, verified the suspect’s arrest and identified him as a serial impostor who specialised in stealing commercial motorcycles.

Jejeloye said that the suspect confessed to impersonating agency personnel with his camouflage pants and wallet in order to deprive Okada riders of their motorcycles and belongings throughout the state.

Marcus, a father of one, was apprehended at midday, according to the leader of the task force, while attempting to impersonate an official and steal a bicycle.

According to him, one of Marcus’ victims, Yahaya Usman (19), informed interrogators that Marcus flagged him down in the Mafoluku neighbourhood of Oshodi.

“According to the victim, the suspect demanded to be carried to the interior of Oshodi,” he stated. When the suspect arrived at the target, he instructed the rider to deviate to a different place, where he then pushed him off the motorcycle and fled with it.

“Before the victim realised what was happening, he was on the ground after the culprit pushed him. “According to the victim, he pursued him till he grabbed him and wrestled with him until task force police came to his rescue and detained him.”

He went on to say, “We have made a string of arrests over the past few months due to the alarming number of reports we have received about phoney task force members. We will continue our operation until every single bogus official is captured and brought to justice. This will serve as a deterrence to those who are contemplating impersonation.

“Accordingly, the suspect has been charged in court, he has pled not guilty, and the case has been adjourned to May 26, 2022, while he remains in detention.

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