Filling station burns to the ground, claiming one life in Abia

Filling station burns to the ground, claiming one life in Abia
Filling station burns to the ground, claiming one life in Abia

A filling station in Aba, Abia State, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday, killing one person. The event occurred at approximately 5:00 a.m. at the Chibayno gas station on Ikot Ekpene Road.

A witness identified as Tochukwu informed reporters that the fire began when a truck unloading its cargo at a suspected oil bunkering facility adjacent to the station caught fire.

“Up to four trucks often provide bunkering supplies to them, which they then transfer to their tanks and distribute” (to customers).

“As a result, the vehicle caught fire while they were transloading, and the entire facility was burnt to ashes,” he explained.

He reported that firefighters arrived later and successfully extinguished the fire, albeit the damage had already been done.

“I am currently observing one individual laying dead, but others fled the station even as they were being burned by the flames.” “However, I cannot say whether they perished subsequently,” Mr. Tochukwu remarked.

Acting Director of the Abia State Fire Service, Arua Nnanna, verified the event to SHAUNTV NEWS when reached.

He suspected that there was an illegal oil industry operating in the region.

Mr. Nnanna, who also confirmed that one person was fatally burned, stated that he had dispatched firefighters to the scene and that the situation was under control.

“My concern is that I am unaware of what is occurring at that time. Is it time for them to conduct sales? “This indicates that illicit activity is taking place there, which may have caused the fire,” he stated.

“I also observed that a large number of trucks were parked in that region. A further detail is that there was a fatality. Somebody was scorched,” Mr Nnanna added.

The fire chief stated that he would report to the state administration for immediate action as soon as he had gathered incident details.

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