Five persons killed by suspected Fulani herders in Edo [GRAPHIC]

Five persons killed by suspected Fulani herders in Edo [GRAPHIC]
Five persons killed by suspected Fulani herders in Edo [GRAPHIC]

Suspected Fulani herdsmen assaulted Odiguetue hamlet in Edo State’s Ovia North-East Local Government and brutally slaughtered five people.

Many more were said to have been injured in various ways during the incident.

The herders, who had attacked security officers in the area and burned down a patrol van approximately a month earlier, stormed the village in the early hours of Thursday, April 7, and attacked people who had been fighting the herders’ attempts to graze their cows on fields.

Lt. Commander Anthony Ogie (Rtd), a community leader, told media on Saturday that the herdsmen have been harassing the village for some time.

“They got near to the houses last week at 7 p.m., firing, but as the occupants came out, they went back to the bush.” We typically contact the police and army whenever the herders arrive, but they never go into the jungle where the herdsmen camp, even when the villagers offer to guide the security guys,” he added.

Elder John Osagiede, who was also speaking, claimed that the accused herders had been torturing the people by uprooting their cassava and giving the tubers to their cows.

He said that when he received word that the village was being attacked, he attempted but failed to contact the deputy governor.

Mr. Joseph Obuele, for one, said that the police arrived after the incident and transported the bodies to the mortuary.

“We called the cops when the event occurred on Thursday.” There is no security for the time being. “We are the ones who are keeping watch to prevent additional assaults,” he explained.

When reached, Bello Kontongs, a spokesman for the state Police Command, claimed he had not yet received specifics of the event at the time of reporting the article.

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