Fulani herders attack Benue, kill five family members [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

Fulani herders attack Benue, kill five family members [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]
Fulani herders attack Benue, kill five family members [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

Several persons have been slain by suspected Fulani herdsmen in the Waya community of Jato-Aka of Turan council ward in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria.

11 bodies had been found by Friday morning as a result of a search that began at night and continued into the early hours of Friday, April 21.

After relatives began raising alarm over where their loved ones had gone when they failed to return from the farms, villagers told media, they discovered the deceased had been softly hacked to death.

Locals claim that a search group sent to look for the missing persons headed straight to the farms, where they found dead bodies all over the place.

Eleven bodies had been found so far.” A guy, his wife, and their three children, one of whom is a toddler, were discovered on one property, while the other six people were discovered on separate properties, according to a resident.

As of this writing, the hunt for further missing persons is ongoing, and there are indications that additional bodies will be discovered, a villager stated.

Gbaeren Orsoo, Terdoo Tsega, Bemdoo Tsega, Abacha Tsega, Abacha Tsega, Terkaa Tsega, Aôndoaseer Tyov, Iorhen Atim, and Aôndowase Igba were some of the disfigured remains retrieved by the villagers.

After the attack was confirmed by the Chairman of Kwande Local Government Area, Mrs. Tartor Chianson, she told reporters in Makurdi that eight dead had been found.

OPWS forces are currently searching the bush for more bodies, according to Chianson, who spoke to journalists over the phone. He stated the slain victims have been taken to the morgue.

There may be more bodies in the woods, she said, because relatives have reported missing loved ones, making it even more difficult to determine the exact number of deaths.

Due to Wednesday night’s rains, her family members went to their farms in Waya village near Anwase on Thursday to prepare the soil for planting. “They were ambushed and killed differently on their fields at Waya community adjacent to Anwase,” she said.

In the last few days, the assailants have come and burned down many homes, kidnapped others, taken their equipment, and then brought their mangled bodies to be deposited.

This is nothing more than a campaign to reclaim our ancestral lands, and as I speak, five council wards are under assault,” he says. In the last three months, almost 50 people have died in the neighbourhood.”

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