Gumi tells FG to treat Herders as Niger Delta Militants

gumi tells fg to treat herders as niger delta militants
gumi tells fg to treat herders as niger delta militants

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a famous Islamic cleric, has encouraged the federal government to treat Fulani herdsmen and other aggrieved communities like insurgents from the Niger Delta.

Gumi made this statement during the Pastoralists and Fulbe Security Conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) and the northern consensus movement co-hosted the event, whose theme was “Exploring the Contemporary Security Challenges Facing Pastoralists and Fulbe in Nigeria” (NCM).

Gumi stated, “The government should pay greater attention to these individuals because they always claim to be aggrieved.

“I expect nothing less from the administration than it did when the Niger Delta youths were vandalizing the economy.

“These individuals also pose a threat to Nigerian agriculture, which is the backbone of the country’s economy.

“I believe that the government should be more proactive. They need consideration. The minimum they require is a minister of nomad affairs to oversee their issues.”

However, Husseini Bosso, the national president of MACBAN, stated that kidnappings and banditry had become the norm in many towns across the country, and that contrary to rumors that pastoralists were responsible for these crimes, herders were also victims.

He stated, “It is puzzling that atrocities committed against pastoralists are ignored by the media. Our people have been the most affected by crime,” he said.

“Recently, MACBAN chairman in the states of Kogi, Niger, and Nasarawa, together with five other local government chairmen, including the Gwagwalada area council, were abducted and murdered.

This reinforces the fact that our communities are not immune to the evils of kidnapping and banditry.

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