Gunman kills two at a gay nightclub in Oslo on Pride Day

gunman kills two at a gay nightclub in oslo on pride day
gunman kills two at a gay nightclub in oslo on pride day

On the day the city’s LGBTQ community was scheduled to celebrate its annual Pride parade, a shooter went on a horrifying spree at a homosexual bar and nearby streets in Oslo, killing two people and injuring more than 20 others.

Victims were shot inside and outside the London Pub, a well-known homosexual pub and nightclub in the centre of the Norwegian city that has been open since 1979, as well as at another bar.

“Many people were sobbing and shouting, the injured were screaming, people were worried and frightened – very, very frightened,” said 46-year-old Marcus Nybakken, who had left the London Pub soon before the shooting and later returned to assist.

“My initial impression was that Pride was the intended victim, which is frightening.”

NRK journalist Olav Roenneberg said he was in the vicinity at the time and observed a man approach with a suitcase, pull out a rifle, and begin firing: “Then I heard windows shattering and realised I needed to take cover.”

A suspect, a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent, was apprehended minutes after the shooting spree, according to the police, who think he acted alone. They stated that two firearms, one a fully automatic firearm, were recovered from the crime scene.

Norway nightclub shooting leaves 2 dead and 14 injured

There are indications that this may be a hate crime, according to the authorities. “We are investigating whether the Pride was the intended target or whether there are alternative objectives.”

The attack is also being investigated as a suspected act of terrorism, they added.

Commander Benedicte Bjoernland announced that the typically unarmed Norwegian police force will henceforth carry firearms until further notice. The Norwegian PST intelligence service stated that it was exploring the possibility of additional assaults. “Currently, we have no sign of that,” stated the PST.

Citing police advice, the organisers of Oslo Pride cancelled Saturday’s parade. “We will soon be proud and visible once more, but for now we shall celebrate Pride at home,” they stated.

King Harald of Norway indicated that he and the royal family were devastated by the incident, which left 10 people gravely injured and 11 people with lesser injuries, according to the police.

“We must remain united and protect our values: freedom, diversity, and mutual respect,” the king, who is 85 years old, added.

The shooting occurred just months after Norway celebrated the 50th anniversary of the repeal of a legislation that criminalised gay sex. The suspect was known to authorities, including for lesser acts of violence, according to police.

The Nordic nation of 5,4 million people has lower crime rates than many Western nations, however it has witnessed hate-motivated attacks, including the 2011 murder of 77 people by far-right fanatic Anders Behring Breivik.

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