Gunmen Enforcing IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Order Scare Imo

gunmen enforcing ipob's sit at home order scare imo
gunmen enforcing ipob’s sit at home order scare imo

Imo State’s Orji and Owerri were shaken by gunmen who were implementing the sit-at-home order of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Approximately Owerri’s central business district was peaceful until around 5:30pm when several bullets were fired, causing inhabitants to flee for their lives.

Owerri Custodial Centre officers responded by barricading the facility in order to prevent the shooters from entering.

As a result, cars travelling from Okigwe into the city had to make a halt at Orji.

A bus full of passengers slammed into a road demarcator as it attempted a rushed U-turn.

Nearly a dozen people were sent to surrounding hospitals for treatment after being critically injured.

There was no CSP Michael Abatham available for remark.

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