Gunmen kill 32 persons in Kaduna neighbourhoods

Gunmen kill 32 persons in Kaduna neighbourhoods
Gunmen kill 32 persons in Kaduna neighbourhoods

In a raid on four communities in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna state, 32 people were reportedly killed by gunmen.

Awemi Maisamari, the head of Adara Development Association (ADA), stated that the incident took place on Sunday, and the victims’ bodies were discovered in the bushes on Wednesday.

According to him, the attacked communities are Ungwan Gamu, Dogon Noma, Ungwan Sarki, and Maikori.

Kaduna confirms 32 deaths and denies a helicopter assault

“The onslaught began about midday on Sunday and lasted until approximately 6 p.m. without opposition from the state,” Maisamari claimed.

“On each motorcycle were individuals armed with an AK-47. When they arrived, the residents of Maikori mobilised to oppose them, but they were unable to withstand their firepower.

“It was impossible for the unarmed peasants to confront the armed terrorists.

“Many persons are still missing, and it is thought that some of them were abducted by the attackers in Kaduna

“No contacts have been made as of yet. The attack has generated widespread terror, displacing thousands of individuals from the neighbourhood.

“The majority of displaced people, particularly women and children, are still relocating to locations like as Katul crossing, Kachia, Idon, and Maraban Kajuru.

“The attack has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation in Kajuru Local Government Area, as Kutura station and other neighbouring communities were similarly damaged and displaced on April 8, 2022.

“We are requesting that the government and other people of conscience assist our displaced and dehumanised citizens.”

Attempts to reach Mohammed Jalige, the Kaduna police spokesman, were unsuccessful since he did not respond to calls or messages.

In an attack on the Tokace hamlet in the Chikun Local Government Area of the state, three persons were slain and nine others were kidnapped a few weeks ago.

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