Gunshots As Residents Spot Bandits On Kaduna-Abuja Highway

Gunshots As Residents Spot Bandits On Kaduna-Abuja Highway
Gunshots As Residents Spot Bandits On Kaduna-Abuja Highway

When a big group of robbers crossed over the ever-bustling Kaduna-Abuja route, chaos ensued, The outlaws moved towards the main road’s western end, firing randomly.

Even though there were no reports of abductions, the gunfire led cars to make an emergency U-turn about 3:00 p.m.

The bandits passed through a settlement named Kwari village in Kasarami region, according to sources along the roadway.

Gunshots were heard, according to a community leader who asked to remain anonymous.

“Around 3 p.m., we heard gunshots and saw them coming from the east side of the road, traveling west.” “There were a lot of them.”

“They didn’t stop the road; just motorbikes crossed over, but there were a lot of them.” He responded, “I’m not aware if the bandits kidnapped any travelers.”

Shehu Sani, a former politician and activist, also tweeted about the criminals’ presence on the route.

“I just received a distress call that big groups of bandits have again blocked the Kaduna-Abuja route this afternoon. Travelers are rapidly reversing direction.”

However, the State Government emphasized that bandits did not operate on the route through Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs.

Aruwan claims that the rumor is incorrect and that it was spread by a gang of social media enthusiasts who like spreading bad news.

“Fleeing bandits fleeing a military onslaught attempted to pass via a small passage at Kasarami general region of Kaduna-Abuja route,” according to preliminary operational feedback.

“The forces promptly proceeded to the spot after obtaining this intelligence and engaged them in the neighboring woodland,” he claimed.

When the State Government receives more comprehensive comments, he said the public would be informed.

He stated that the Kaduna State Government acknowledges the presence of security concerns and continues to collaborate with appropriate military and security agencies.

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