Hunters and Forests Security Guards leaders detained in Benue

hunters and forests security guards leaders detained in benue
hunters and forests security guards leaders detained in benue

The Benue State Police Command has detained leaders of Hunters and Forest Guards for forcibly shaving the hair of a young woman on the streets of Makurdi, the state capital.

The security unit tasked with protecting the lives of farmers in the state following frequent bandit assaults stopped the lady on a motorbike with gold-tinted hair, forced her to sit on the floor, and then shaved her hair.

Four of the group’s leaders were detained on the direction of Governor Samuel Ortom in response to uproar on social media.

Ajonye Peter, State Commandant, Leva Luther, Deputy Commandant, Jov Peter Charles, Administrative Officer, and Godwin Adinya, State Adviser, were detained.

The Governor distanced himself and his administration from the unlawful organization’s actions, stating that “they are not a state government entity.”

He emphasised that the state government has no connection to the Hunters security group and would not condone their actions in the state in any manner.

“The Hunters and Forest Security Guards are not an initiative of the Benue State Government, and we have no affiliation with it in any way. As the State’s Chief Security Officer, I am shocked by these individuals’ criminal behaviour and completely condemn them, stating unequivocally that my government has nothing to do with this group or its actions “Ortom said.

The Governor emphasised that his administration does not condone any sort of unfairness or inhuman treatment of anyone based on their gender, socioeconomic, political, religious, or ethnic origin.

“I have stated repeatedly that I would never allow criminals to seize control of the state. Citizens of Benue are law abiding, and we cannot let unlawful organisations to exist and harass residents “he insisted.

The Governor directed the police to conduct a thorough investigation of those responsible for the crime and to ensure that justice is served in order to serve as a deterrence to other individuals or groups who may wish to abuse the law in order to inflict mayhem on innocent victims.

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