I foresaw train attacks and requested security equipment – Amaechi

i foresaw train attacks and requested security equipment – amaechi
i foresaw train attacks and requested security equipment – amaechi

Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, stated on Tuesday that he saw the attack on the Kaduna-bound train coming and that he had urged digital security apparatus to prevent it.

The incident would have been prevented if the purchase of the N3 billion high-capacity train track cameras and sensors had not been halted, according to the clearly enraged Amaechi. According to him, the technology would eliminate all blind spots on train routes across the country.

During a visit to the scene of the incident, the minister also stated that eight people were killed in the terrorist act, while 25 others were injured and hospitalized. He went on to say that there were 398 passengers on board.

“We knew what the issues would be,” he stated. On the corridors, we knew we required digital security technology. We put in an application for it. Please allow me to come to a halt here so that I do not injure too many people. However, I’ve heard that the president has issued an order that the purchase be finished as soon as possible.

“If we had that equipment on the tracks, you’d be able to view the whole thing.” We also warned that people’s lives will be lost. Now people’s lives had been lost. There are eight people dead and 25 people in the hospital. We have no idea how many people have been abducted. And the equipment just costs N3 billion. The value of what we’ve lost exceeds N3 billion.

“We’ve lost our way. Locomotives and coaches have been lost. Human beings have perished. And the equipment is only about N3 billion. It will cost more over N3 billion to repair the damage. Imagine if we merely said, “Give us approval, but not the money.” Dollar was N400 when we asked for it, and it is now around N500. It’s irritating when you go to the government with sincerity and they stop you.”

At least ten bodies have been evacuated, according to sources at the Kubwa and Idu train stations.

According to Amaechi, passenger contact tracing has begun in order to identify everyone on board the train.

“The Kaduna state administration and the Nigerian Railway Corporation are both attempting to contact those on the manifest,” he continued. There are a few people who are not on the manifest, such as NRC employees and cleaning contractor employees, and we may not be able to account for them totally, but those who are on the manifest are being contacted.”

The Nigerian Railway Corporation has yet to announce the train’s manifest, as well as the number of casualties and the amount of the damage.

According to our source, the majority of those abducted were VIP passengers.

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