I Kidnapped My Lover in Order to Fund Our Wedding – Suspect

I Kidnapped My Lover in Order to Fund Our Wedding - Suspect
I Kidnapped My Lover in Order to Fund Our Wedding – Suspect

Bello Ahmed, a 28-year-old kidnap suspect, has stated that he abducted his sweetheart in order to gather money for their wedding.

The suspect, along with three others, was detained lately for their suspected participation in the kidnapping of one Miss Hannah Queen at Apo Estate.

According to reports, Bello planned with three others 34 Ibrahim Mohammed, 30; Bilyamiyu Mohammed, 30; and Uche Daniel 34 to abduct his sweetheart in order to obtain money for their traditional marriage.

On March 26, 2022, the victim was taken following a meticulous strategy devised by her lover whom she met in Dubai.

The four suspects were apprehended by members of the Intelligence Response Team of the Force Intelligence Bureau (IRT).

According to authorities, the suspects were detained on charges of criminal conspiracy and kidnapping in connection with the well-coordinated kidnapping.

Their arrest follows a report submitted by one of the victim’s uncles, ACP Yusuf Sanni, at the IRT Headquarters in Guzape.

However, Bello revealed in his testimony that he orchestrated his lover’s kidnapping because she pressed him to acquire money for their traditional marriage.

“My sweetheart placed so much pressure on me to marry her,” he explained. As a result, I was obliged to kidnap her in order to acquire the funds I required. I regret my involvement in the crime since I was unable to obtain the funds. I anticipated being compensated for the ransom.”

The abducted victim, a lawyer and the daughter of a distinguished ambassador, was reportedly in a relationship with the suspect, who resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Additionally, Bello is a friend of the victim’s parents.

According to police investigations, the primary suspect married and had two children in Dubai before migrating to Nigeria.

Additionally, the inquiry discovered that the suspect rented a flat at the aforementioned Abuja estate following his transfer to Nigeria as a result of the connection.

He was accused of bringing the other three gang members inside the three-bedroom bungalow flat three days before the kidnapping when the woman paid him a visit and sat in his living room.

After the criminal gang members kidnapped him and his intended bride, he convinced the victim that he had transferred N10 million to the kidnappers in exchange for their release via a false bank alert, until she discovered the charade and began pleading with her parents for her release.

The major suspect stated that they expected a total of N50m in ransom from the victim’s parents, bringing the gang’s total to at least N10m each member.

Further inquiry showed that Bello had intended to marry the lady in November 2022 as a second wife, but pushed the event forward to July to avoid the risk of her marrying a fresh boyfriend.

A hack saw, two masks, one beret cap, one masking tape, and one iPhone are among the exhibits reported to have been retrieved from the accused.

Additionally, three toy guns and an axe are believed to have been utilised by the suspects in the kidnapping and are still missing from the home of the major suspect.

According to Sergeant Law Okeke, the investigating Police Officer, all of the suspects are responsible in the crime because they have all offered valuable statements to aid the police investigations.

Usman Alkali Baba, the Inspector-General of Police, has urged the police authorities to conduct a rigorous prosecution of the case in the nation’s law courts to ensure that justice is done on all the suspects involved.

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