Igbos Own Half The Country; God Cannot Give You Everything – Bala

Igbos Own Half The Country; God Cannot Give You Everything - Bala
Igbos Own Half The Country; God Cannot Give You Everything – Bala

“Igbos own half of the country,” according to Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed, obtaining self-determination may be challenging.

Friday, Mohammed, a People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, announced this to Anambra delegates as part of his campaign.

He stated that, if elected president, he will bring out the best in all Nigerians, regardless of their tribe or faith.

Mohammed stated that Nigeria’s issues are rooted in the selection of its leaders, remarking that if the country’s leaders were fair and just, the country would benefit.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am here before you willing to serve and restore Nigeria’s greatness and height. We will restore and relaunch this nation with your help so that we can regain our national pride.

“If you are voting as delegates, exercise good judgement. Vote for the superior candidate if available. Vote for someone else if I am not the best. But I know I am superior.

“I have the expertise and ability to lead this country to greater glory, but if I am not chosen in the primary, I would back whoever emerges in order to pull Nigeria out of its current predicament.”

Noting that the majority of his mentors are Igbo, he stated that he had interacted most actively with the Igbo and profited from them.

“I have traversed all social strata in the nation. As a minister and senator who has dealt with people from across the nation, I am familiar with the nation’s predicament. I believe every Nigerian should be accorded respect wherever he or she travels.”

“My work as a minister and senator has exposed me to the country’s challenges, and I’ve gained the experience necessary to lead this great nation.” I am aware of the South’s, particularly the South East’s, concerns over zoning, but let’s put the issues in their proper context. Both the South East and the North East are experiencing the same difficulties, however the North East has not experienced the same difficulties as the South East. We cannot elect a president on our own; we must employ persuasion.”

According to him, the enterprising and innovative spirit of the South East represents a tremendous opportunity for the industrialization of this magnificent nation, which must be used by everyone.

“During my tenure as minister of federal capital territory, Igbo investment in Abuja exceeded 50 percent.” Not just in Abuja, but also in Kano, Lagos, and Kaduna, is this the actual situation. Consequently, Nigerians are interdependent and interconnected.

“This symbiosis that links us together must be stabilised. For what purpose does IPOB discuss self-determination and self-actualization? When you owe over fifty percent of the nation. God may not bestow you with everything. You’ve received a gift from him. This is the fact. As a result, I am appealing for this togetherness and brotherhood between us. If the Igbo young comprehend this, they would grasp the necessity for peace and harmony in the nation.”

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