Ike Ekweremadu allegedly trafficked a boy for his sick daughter’s organs

Ike Ekweremadu allegedly trafficked a boy for his sick daughter's organs
Ike Ekweremadu allegedly trafficked a boy for his sick daughter’s organs

The court denies Ike Ekweremadu and his wife bail, remands them to detention, and adjourns the case until July.

Former Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice were denied bail by the Uxbridge Magistrate Court in London on charges that they smuggled a 15-year-old boy from Lagos to the United Kingdom in order to harvest his organs.

British university bans Ike Ekweremadu for organ harvesting

According to Arise TV, the prosecution in court this afternoon stated that the Ekweremadu’s were charged for transferring the 15-year-old boy from Nigeria to the United Kingdom under the pretence that he would have a better life in the United Kingdom, when in fact his organs were to be harvested. Prosecutors informed the court that the previous president of the Senate obtained a passport for the minor, claiming he was 21 years old, but it was later determined that he was actually 15 years old.

They told the court that they believe the aim was to harvest a kidney from the youngster for their daughter, who requires a transplant.

Ekweremadu and his wife made different legal arguments and asked the court to release them on bail, but the Magistrate denied their request. The pair has returned their passports to the government of the United Kingdom.

UK Court Denies Ike Ekweremadu Bail, reminded in Prison

The pair was arrested at Heathrow airport while en route to Istanbul, Turkey, and according to the authorities, it is suspected they were on their way to get another organ because they were unable to harvest the organ from the youngster.

Additionally, the prosecutors alleged that $20,000 was discovered on Mr. Ekweremadu.
According to AriseTV, the kidney was not taken when the boy declared his true age to the surgeons at the Royal Free hospital in the United Kingdom. The doctor cancelled the treatment, and the youngster was immediately placed into the custody of the family, who, according to the prosecution, kept him as a slave until he escaped and made his way to the police, which led to an investigation and the couple’s arrest.

After lengthy thought, the Magistrate ordered their continued detention until the next hearing on the case on July 7.

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