Imo Illegal Refinery Fire Victims Get Mass Burial Today

Imo Illegal Refinery Fire Victims Get Mass Burial Today
Imo Illegal Refinery Fire Victims Get Mass Burial Today

Today, the charred remains of the victims of the illicit refinery fire in Imo State will be mass buried. As of now, the dead toll has grown to 110.

Mr Ifeanyi Nnaji, the National Emergency Management Agency’s (NEMA) head of operations, said the most recent addition was a pregnant woman whose belly busted, exposing the foetus.

Nnaji, who described the scene as horrible, said the victims’ burnt remains had been gathered and will be put in a mass grave today. “We couldn’t have the mass burial today,” he explained (Sunday). It’s possible that it’ll be tomorrow. I’m waiting for the state government to give me the go-ahead to start the exercise.”

“We are expecting the arrival of the commissioners of Petroleum and Environment to perform mass burial because the remains are rotting,” Nnaji previously stated.

“It’s a vast market with individuals from all over the country; and because they’ve been burned beyond recognition, it’s quite difficult to identify them.” A family came in and saw one body that resembled one of their own, and they carried it for burial according to traditional traditions.”

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari called the tragedy a “catastrophe and a national disaster” yesterday.

Buhari, according to his spokesman, Garba Shehu, has urged the nation’s armed forces, security, and intelligence services to step up their efforts to crack down on illegal refineries.

He stated the responsibility for the loss of lives and property must fall entirely on the sponsors of the illegal refinery, “who must all be apprehended and brought to justice.”

While expressing condolences to the victims’ families, the community, and the people of the state, the president encouraged community leaders and security services to never allow this to happen again in any region of the country.

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