Insecurity in Nigeria has outweighed community policing – Obasanjo

Insecurity in Nigeria has outweighed community policing - Obasanjo
Insecurity in Nigeria has outweighed community policing – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has stated that establishing state police is the best way to address the country’s rising insecurity.

Obasanjo stated that the nation’s insecurity has exceeded present community policing.

On Wednesday, he was paid a courtesy call by the leadership of the National Association of Ex-Local Government Chairmen in Nigeria in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Hon. Albert Asipa, the organisation’s founding national chairman, and several state executive members led the group.

In response to security concerns, Obasanjo stated that the concept of community policing ought to be replaced by state police.

“Everyone is concerned about our condition in Nigeria, particularly the issue of terrorism.” The matter has progressed beyond the subject of community police. It is currently the responsibility of the state police. “We can now talk about community police because of the state police,” he remarked.

He also remarked on the need to reinforce the traditional system and local government administration, “which I prepared during the popular Murtala/Obasanjo administration, since I feel there is a need to enable that tier of government to function really as a local government.” They have their own executive, judicial, and legislative branches.”

He stated that the past chairmen’s experience in local government administration was sufficient for them to strive to higher positions, emphasising that some of them have the competence, talent, and integrity to do so.

Obasanjo, who praised the initiative that led to the founding of the organisation, stated that the development demonstrated that certain local chairmen in the country were “better than even the top elected leaders.”

In his remarks, Ashipa told the former President that they had resolved to join forces from all 774 local governments in the country to contribute to the country’s economic and political progress.

“Realizing your role as the father of local government in Nigeria, we need you to achieve our ambitions, thus this critical visit,” he said. And to wish everyone a happy 85th birthday.”

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