IPOB warned Governor Charles Soludo against going after its members

ipob warned governor charles soludo against going after its members
ipob warned governor charles soludo against going after its members

IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra, has cautioned Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo against pursuing its members.

IPOB advised Soludo not to heed recommendations to arrest, jail, and assassinate its members in the state.

The separatist group’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, warned that such a move would be the start of Soludo’s collapse as governor.

Powerful also warned the incoming governor not to make the same mistakes that his predecessor, Willie Obiano, did while in office.

He did promise Soludo, though, of IPOB’s collaboration and assistance.
The organisation was responding to Soludo’s recent statement that he was eager to collaborate with them to combat instability in the state.

“Anambra State governor professor Charles C.Soludo in order to succeed must not take seriously those or anyone, whether part of his government or not, who advise him to arrest, imprison, and kill IPOB family members in Anambra State because if he listens to those criminal political harlots, that will be the beginning of his failure as a governor,” Powerful writes.

“As a result, we encourage Soludo to stay focused on his vision and objective, avoiding distractions and poor counsel from corrupt politicians.” He must not make the same mistakes as his predecessor, Willie Obiano, who enabled Fulani people to utilise him to punish our people.

“They assassinated our people in Nkpor in 2016, during our yearly commemoration of our fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price for our freedom between 1967 and 1970, but the Governor never raised questions.”

“The IPOB is a nonviolent movement dedicated to the restoration of Biafra’s independence. We will not stop protesting until we are given a referendum date to decide our fate as a people.

“We are willing to collaborate with anyone in government who is working for our people’s interests and freedoms.” Professor Charles Soludo is a seasoned technocrat and accomplished Igbo who should put his vast expertise to good use in developing our country.

We will support him as long as he does not become a willing tool in the hands of our oppressors to punish our people, particularly Biafra agitators. We wish him well in his new position.”

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