Kaduna confirms 32 deaths and denies a helicopter assault

kaduna confirms 32 deaths and denies a helicopter assault
kaduna confirms 32 deaths and denies a helicopter assault

The government of Kaduna State has announced that 32 people were slain by gunmen in four of its communities.

Ungwan Gamu, Dogon Noma, Ungwan Sarki, and Maikori are the four communities in Kajuru council.

However, the administration denied that a helicopter gunship initiated or assisted the attacks.

Sunday’s invading attackers were reportedly shielded by a helicopter, according to locals.

Gunmen kill 32 persons in Kaduna neighbourhoods

Yesterday, Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs Samuel Aruwan stated that the bandits did not use helicopters to attack the neighbourhoods.

“According to first accounts from security officials, bandits attacked the settlements.

“According to reports, the bandits entered the region in huge numbers on motorcycles and proceeded to demolish a number of homes while attacking and killing inhabitants.

Since the attack, security services and local traditional leaders have provided the government with updates on the situation.

“As of the time of this report, 32 victims of the incident have been confirms dead.

“While the government lamented the grisly deaths and burning of homes in the affected areas, a report suggested that terrorists using a helicopter slaughtered the victims of the attack.

“The Kaduna State Government wishes to clarify recent reports it has received since Sunday. The bandits assaulted the first two settlements and murdered 31 people. They then travelled to Ungwan Maikori, where they murdered one individual and torched several homes.

“An Air Force chopper assigned to the region as part of Operation Whirl Stroke had previously inspected the first two locations and spotted burned residences and properties on fire.

“The helicopter engaged the bandits as they escaped from the previous site, prior to the arrival of ground forces in the general vicinity.”

“It was the arrival of the air asset that dissuaded the bandits from continuing their attacks on the villagers, after they had already killed one local and burned numerous houses.

Therefore, the claim that a helicopter provided air assistance for the criminals against the locals is false.

“Eyewitnesses to the widely circulated rumour that a helicopter aided bandits in the murder of innocent persons are asked to offer their statements to the government supported by irrefutable evidence,” the sentence reads.

Awemi Dio Maisamari, the national president of the Adara Development Association (ADA), stated in a statement that the attack began around noon on Sunday and lasted until almost 6pm.

Maisamari’s statement continued: “Around 3 p.m., while the armed killers were carrying out the murders, the inhabitants of Maikori village mobilised to repel the attackers.

When a helicopter appeared, the heroic indigenous from adjacent villages were already driving out the invaders and regaining control of the situation.

“To the shock of the indigenous, the white-painted helicopter instead faced the valiant natives and began firing on the teenagers from the air, leaving out the killers, who could be identified by their attire and positions.”

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